Basic Overview Edit

AuroraClan is a fan-made Clash of Clans roleplaying Clan based off of the "Warriors" series by Erin Hunter. We roleplay as our own original characters in the "Warriors" universe, facing dangers and challenges to overcome every day.


Founded by: Speedstar

Current leader: DarkSilver Leaf  "Silkstar"

Territory: Mountainous forest, near the ocean

Allies: SpiritClan, TigerClan, ThunderClan

Enemies: None at the moment

Member count: 37

Past leaders: Speedstar, Ares "Darkstar", Nightmare Moon "Crystalstar", Falconstar, Lightningstar, Finchstar, Icestar "Flamestar"

Date founded: Exact date unknown, Clan is approximately 3 years old

Roleplays: Wcrp (Warrior Cats), Mrp (Modern human)

Motto: "Fearless and free"

Personality/Reputation: AuroraClan is a generally peaceful, easy-going and fun Clan thats overall personality depends on their leader at the time. We keep to ourselves most of the time, but have been known to get into drama with other Clans. We joke around often but if threatened use our intelligence and wits to prove ourselves in battle.

Current Government Edit

DarkSilver Leaf (Leader, member of two years)

Leopardblaze (Deputy, member of three years)

Feathermist (Medicine cat, member of a half year)

Songbird (Medicine cat, member of three years)

Falconwing (Senior warrior, former leader, member of two and a half years)

Snowden (Senior warrior, former leader, member of three years)

History Edit

AuroraClan was founded by Speedstar in 2013 and has been a strong and prosperous Clan since then. The first Clan name was "Warrior Cats", but the group was more formally called DarkClan. Later in the year, for various reasons, Warrior Cats split into two groups, the second founded by Darkstar and called LionClan. Eventually the warriors of both groups followed Darkstar and LionClan became the main home of the group. Speedstar's leadership had come to an end. But due to inactivity and a lack of leadership skills, Darkstar's LionClan soon fell. Crystalstar rose to leadership next. Her Clan didn't last particularly long either, as she was incredibly inactive. The first AuroraClan was made by Falconstar, who was made leader after Crystalstar's Clan fell. AuroraClan went through several leaders, including Falconstar, Lightningstar, and Finchstar. Finchstar was the creator of the modern AuroraClan but his leadership didn't last long after that. After Finchstar stepped down due to depression, his deputy Flamestar became AuroraClan's leader. However, Flamestar's leadership lasted less than a month before he stepped down as well. Silkstar seized the leader position afterwards, and she continues to lead AuroraClan to this day.